10 Important Facts About Fat In Belly

Friday, April 5, 2013

10 Most Important Facts About Fat In Belly
Did you know that belly fat is the worst kind of fat there? Check out other 10 important facts about fat in the belly such as the following.

The worst fat
Why belly fat fat classified as the worst? That's because fat in the abdomen due to repel all types of proteins and hormones that aggravate the entire situation, such as increased cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure.

Not just a matter of calories
In one study, two people eating the same number of calories but different types of food. The result, more potent forms of wheat streamline the stomach. So affairs belly fat is not just a matter of the amount of calories, but also the type of food consumed.

Certain seasoning lose fat
A study has shown 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar every day or placebo effect is able to remove fat in the abdomen accompanied with a healthy diet routine.

Sitting triggers fat in the abdomen
If you do not want to gather fat in your belly, then you should be diligent exercise routine. Because sitting too long in a certain time triggers fat deposits in the abdomen.

Walking is not necessarily expel fat in the abdomen
Although you are often on foot, apparently it's not enough if you want to chase away belly fat. Once again, more regular exercise is necessary, especially aerobics.

Effect of green tea
While diet, you are also recommended to drink green tea on a regular basis. The content of catechins in green tea are burning calories so that your stomach will become slim fast.

Reduce television viewing
A study proves people off the set ahead of schedule watch will usually help reduce belly fat. That's because sitting diminished opportunities and make them do other activities that are more active.

Stress triggers fat in the abdomen
You can only blame the family, boss, co-workers, or neighbors who make you stress. Because stress was also to be one source of fat accumulation in the abdomen.

Do not measure with scales
Effective way of knowing whether or not your belly fat is to use the meter, not the scales.

Eating a lot of fat caused not accumulate
Experts recommend that you eat small amounts of food six times a day instead of twice a day in large numbers. Because it is effective at keeping the fat away from your belly slim.

Similarly interesting 10 facts about fat in the belly. If you also have abdominal fat, you should not give up if you really want to get rid of.

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