9 Powerful Ways To Lose Fat In The Abdomen

Friday, April 5, 2013

Until when will you keep a collection of belly fat in it? Felt it was surrendered to eliminate the fat? Not yet! health tips magazine will give you 9 powerful ways to lose fat in the abdomen forever! Here's how.

1. Perform fitness and strength training three times a week. This will increase your metabolism and help you burn more calories, even when resting.

2. Stop doing sit ups 500 times and do sports with more frequent basis, such as using a windmill, sit ups Turkey, and others.

3. Do it 2-3 times higher intensity exercise per week. Nothing should be too long, just 10-20 minutes if done correctly.

9 Powerful Ways To Lose Fat In The Abdomen

4. Try to be more active in the day-to-day activities. even if you spend an hour in the gym every day, there is still a lot of time that could be used to keep active. Suppose playing with the kids, activities with friends, and others.

5. Sleep for six to eight hours every night. Believe it or not, lack of sleep triggers hormones that can make you fat come together and make hard slim.

6. Reduce the stress you feel. Try meditation or other techniques that make you calm. That trigger stress hormone cortisol will make you continue to gain weight and make you age faster.

7. Ore consumption is a lot of protein, fiber, and healthy fats. This means that you should frequently eat lean meats, vegetables, and nuts.

8. Reduce consumption of fast foods, sugary foods, and refined sugars. The food is the greatest enemy to reduce fat in the abdomen. In addition, these foods also increase the risk of other diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and others.

9. Drink more water, at least two liters a day. If you are dehydrated, will not be able to burn fat efficiently.

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