8 Simple Exercises Can Shrink Belly Fat

Friday, April 5, 2013

8 Simple Exercises Can Shrink Belly Fat
Before this I had tell you about a food that can shrink belly fat fast and now I will tell about 8 simple exercise who can shrink your belly fat, everybody can do this kind of sports, what you need is discipline and keep practise.

Abdominal fat is not only disturbing sight body shape, but also dangerous. Because a lot of research that says that abdominal fat is closely associated with an increased risk of heart disease. Got a pile of fat in the abdomen as well? Come soon shrink to a variety of sports such as the following :

1. Walking or running
You may be thinking, "What does sport that uses footwork to attempt to shrink the stomach?" Well, actually does not exist.

But get used to walking or running will not hurt, you move is important. Little by little, the more calories burned. So that not only the belly fat will shrink, other body parts also must grow slim.

2. Elliptical Trainer
Elliptical Trainer is one of the tools that are usually found in the cardio fitness center. This tool was recommended for gym visitors are prone to joint pain while using the treadmill.

Movement with Elliptical Trainer arguably a combination of walking and climbing stairs. So it's not like walking that requires lower body strength, exercise Elliptical Trainer also make your upper body to participate actively.

3. Bicycle
Want to fit and fun? Let's get used to cycling. For 30 minutes, you can burn 250-500 calories. Cycling should also be conducted in an environment free of pollution. Because it's useless if you are tired of the bike, but instead breathe dirty air from car exhaust.

4. Bicycle Exercise
Do not have a bike? You can still do sports like cycling through Exercise Bicycle. How do I?

First, you have to lie down with both hands behind the head. Then figure the knees to the chest, lifting his head but remained flat on the floor shoulder.

After that, find the left elbow to the right knee while the left foot is pulled straight. Do alternately like you're riding a bicycle. That's Bicycle Exercise!

5. Chair Leg Raise
Just like the Elliptical Trainer, Chair Leg Raise was also found in the fitness center. Such tools generally have the arms and the back, but without a seat. So that the legs can hang freely over the floor.

The trick, put your hands on the chair arms and back against the backrest. Slowly, lift the leg forward and hold for a moment. Repeat several times to burn more fat in the abdomen.

6. Ball Crunch
The one sport that needs stability and maximum muscle strength. Truly effective way to shrink belly fat.

Ball Crunch exercise like sit ups alike over the ball. You have to put your back on the ball and hands on the head. After that lift your head slowly while balancing the body so as not to fall.

7. Vertical Leg Crunch
Much like Ball Crunch and sit ups, but here you have to lift your foot up high during pull the body forward.

First, you have to lie down with his hands behind his head. Lift leg and cross it over the air. Head and shoulders should remain flat on the floor. During the foot in the air, pull the body forward and repeat several times.

8. Sit Ups
Finally, a simple exercise that is able to shrink belly fat is sit ups. If you are unfit to do it alone, enlist the help of others to hold your foot for trying to pull the body forward.

Give a pedestal on the back when doing sit ups. Because if you lie down on the floor, made ​​to feel the pain because the back spine rubbing against hard objects.

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